Nevada Ed Watch 6/6/19

The Ed-Watch series is designed to increase access to information on decisions being made regarding public education in Clark County and Nevada.

Nevada State Board of Education

What is the State Board of Education & what are they responsible for? The Nevada State Board of Education adopts regulations based on Nevada laws, which are passed down to individual school districts in Nevada to implement. The Board has 11 total (7 appointed and 4 publicly elected) members.

How often does the State Board meet? The Nevada State Board of Education meets once per month on Thursdays at 9:00AM. Click here to see the 2019 Board Meeting Schedule. Click here to visit Hope For Nevada’s #NVEd Calendar.

Can community members engage at State Board Meetings? A time for public comment is provided at the beginning (for agenda items) and at the conclusion (on any matter) of each Board meeting. There is a time limit of three minutes per speaker. Members of the community providing testimony must fill out a visitor card, available on-site the day of the meeting.

Click here for a list of all State Board Members.

Thursday, June 6, 2019
Nevada State Board of Education Meeting

Click here to see the meeting agenda

What happened at this meeting?

Superintendent’s Report

Superintendent Ebert introduced the Board to two new members of the Superintendent’s cabinet:  

  • Felicia Gonzales: Deputy Superintendent of Teacher Effectiveness and Parent Engagement
  • Heidi Haartz: Deputy Superintendent for Business and Support Services

Board Heard Legislative Updates

Superintendent Ebert provided updates on the following legislation that the Department of Education is following:

  • AB289 – Read by Grade 3 provision updates to provide additional supports into 5th grade retention prevention [Status: Delivered to the Governor]
  • SB313 – Increased focus on computer literacy and computer science [Status: Delivered to the Governor]
  • SB314 – Related to promoting financial literacy via statewide financial literacy counsel and financial literacy seal for student diplomas [Status: Signed by the Governor]
  • AB235 – Related to implementation of mentorship programs [Status: Delivered to the Governor]
  • SB204 – Enhances suicide prevention programs [Status: Signed by the Governor]
  • SB89 – Related to SafeVoice program and describes school improvement plans created by school principals [Status: Delivered to the Governor]
  • AB219 – Relates to reporting information for English Language Learner achievement [Status: Delivered to the Governor]
  • SB467 – Extends Zoom and Victory program funds [Status: Delivered to the Governor]
  • AB78 – Transfers all schools approved by the Achievement School District to the State Public Charter School Authority (SPCSA) and provides for the State Board of Education to appoint two members to the SPCSA Board. [Status: Signed by the Governor]

Funding Bills:

  • SB545 – Marijuana Excise Tax funding specifically designated to distributive school account (DSA) [Status: Delivered to the Governor]
  • SB555 – Increases statewide per pupil funding by approximately 10% [Status: Signed by the Governor]
  • SB 84  – State Pre-K programs & funding [Status: Delivered to the Governor]
  • SB551 – Makes appropriations for certain purposes relating to school safety and to provide supplemental support of the operation of the county school districts [Status: Submitted to the Governor]
  • AB309 – Authorizes counties to implement sales tax for schools. [Status: Delivered to the Governor]
  • SB543 – Revises how the state funds school districts [Status: Delivered to the Governor]

Board Approved the Consent Agenda

Click here to see the full consent agenda.

Board Heard a Presentation on the Great Teaching and Leading Fund Recommendations

The Board heard a presentation on the Review Team’s recommendations for Great Teaching and Leading Fund FY20-FY21 grants– pending the legislative allocation of available funds.

Click here to see the full presentation.

Board Approved Cohort Twenty of the Teach Nevada Scholarship Program (TNVS)

The Board heard about the Teach Nevada Scholarship program, including the success of the program, reconciliation for fiscal years 2016-2019, funding, and requests for FY20 scholarships. The Board approved no more than 200 Teach Nevada scholarships.

Board Heard a Presentation About the State of Education in Nevada

Data Insight Partners led a presentation about the state of education in Nevada– which included a review of student reading and math assessment results, national education rankings, and long-term education attainment. The Board discussed a need to counter negative stigmas about education in Nevada with strategic public relations and communications.

NOTE: The July State Board of Education meeting was rescheduled to July 17th.

Public Comment:

Members of the public requested the Board clarify the definition of students who are considered “At-Risk” in the weighted funding formula.

Potential Future Agenda Items:

  • Presentation on year-over-year funding (and SB555)
  • Ongoing updates to the implementation of the funding formula
  • Presentation on Census 2020 and its impact on education and funding
  • Discussion of bills related to chronic absenteeism and marketing
  • Accountability of low-performing schools following the abolishment of the Nevada Achievement School District (NV ASD).

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