Design, found & lead a charter school of uncompromising excellence in Las Vegas.

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Building Excellent Schools (BES) is committed to improving academic achievement by training leaders to take on the demanding and urgent work of leading high-achieving, urban public charter schools.

Through The BES Fellowship, highly motivated individuals participate in a rigorous, yearlong training that prepares them to design, found, and lead a high-performing public charter school. At the end of The Fellowship year, BES Fellows apply to establish their own independent charter school—customized to the needs of its community.

Fellows receive a stipend, benefits, extensive training, and support throughout the intensive first year. After The Fellowship year, they receive additional assistance and coaching as they guide their schools through startup and early operation.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. BES offers a $5,000 finder’s fee for nominated candidates who receive and accept an offer to join The Fellowship. 

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Building Excellent School Charter School Leader with Student

“During the Fellowship year with BES, we visited and studied 40 schools in 10 regions across the country. These school studies played an instrumental role in refining our vision for academics and school culture. The Fellowship also provided training and support in critical areas such as building a strong school board, writing a winning charter application, and hiring teachers who will prepare all our students for high school, college, and life.”

-David Blodgett, 2016 Nevada BES Fellow & Founder of The Nevada Prep Charter School

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Ryan Fellows are the nation’s next generation of highly-effective school principals.

Want to be a School Leader? Apply to The Ryan Fellowship!

Accelerate Institute’s Ryan Fellowship is a 3-year leadership development program for new principals. Ryan Fellows undergo a rigorous selection process and complete a Fellowship year which includes a 4-week Accelerate Summer Institute (in partnership with the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University) and a Field Study at a charter school in their region.

The Fellowship year is followed by ongoing training and advisory support during the first two years of principalship.

Next deadline to apply is March 31.
Final deadline is April 27



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