Nevada Ed-Watch 8/30/18

The Ed-Watch series is designed to increase access to information on what decisions are being made regarding public education in Clark County and Nevada.

Thursday, August 30, 2018 
Nevada State Board of Education Meeting

Click here to see the meeting agenda | Click here to access supportive documents.

Board approves standards for districts on the development, implementation, and evaluation of professional development for teachers and administrators.  Click here for more details.

Computer course graduation requirement updated from “Use of Computers” to “Computer Education and Technology.” This reflects the fast-paced advancements in computer literacy, and embraces technology as an important component for student success. The refresh puts Nevada at the forefront nationwide for equitable access to computer and technology education.

Board approves minimum 3rd-grade reading scores to promote to 4th-grade. Students must score in the 31st-percentile or above (a level 2 or higher) on the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC) test to be promoted– unless they are eligible for a good cause exemption, which would negate a retention decision. The state will provide a guidance to schools to communicate this, as well as an additional document for parents to understand the scoring. Read about it in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Board approves a $5,000 incentive for teachers to transfer to a Title 1 or a 1- or 2- star school. Teachers must meet certain criteria to be eligible, and must not currently be at a Title 1 or a 1-2 star school.

Board approves moving funds from this fiscal year to next fiscal year for UNLV students in an intensive teaching program. Students eligible for the program graduated in the top 1/3 of their class, are an ethnic minority, and meet high-need licensure areas. A stipend is included in the program so students do not have to work.

Future Agenda Items:

Chronic absenteeism and teacher absenteeism– presentation from districts that exceed a normal range of teacher absences; and a report from the NVDOE Chronic Absenteeism Taskforce

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