NV Ed-Watch 2/11/21

The Ed-Watch series is designed to increase access to information on what decisions are being made regarding public education in Clark County and Nevada.

Clark County School District Board of Trustees 

What is the Board of Trustees & what are they responsible for? The CCSD Trustees are publicly elected decision-makers for the school district. They are responsible for providing oversight to the Superintendent and establishing District-wide policy. Trustees are accountable to work with their communities to improve student achievement.

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How often does the Board of Trustees meet? Trustees meet twice per month (second and fourth Thursdays) at 5 pm. While all meetings are typically held at the Edward A. Greer Education Center (Board Room): 2832 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89121, all meetings are now held virtually due to the COVID-19 crisis. 

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Can community members engage at Trustee Meetings? Decision-making bodies benefit greatly from hearing public input and multiple perspectives. Currently, members of the public can submit comments on agenda and non-agenda items through email or voice recording. Public comment can be submitted by email to Boardmtgcomments@nv.ccsd.net. To submit a voice recording on items listed on the meeting agenda, call 702-799-1166. Voice recorded public comment is limited to 1 minute 30 seconds.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Clark County School District Board of Trustees Meeting

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What happened at this meeting?

Public Comment

Members of the public submitted voice recorded and written public comment regarding: 

  • Concerns about privacy breaches related to COVID-19 testing 
  • Concerns about the cancellation of student sports 
  • Concerns about the return to school buildings for K-3 students planned for March 1
  • Support for the return to school buildings for K-3 students planned for March 1 
  • Requests for the return to school buildings to be extended to all age groups
  • Concerns about mandatory COVID-19 testing for all employees 

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Trustees Approved Consent Agenda

Consent Agenda Highlights: 

Board Approved Notices of Intent to Update Ethics Policy & Regulation 

District Policy 3100 – Code of Ethics/Anti-Fraud

District Regulation 3100 – Code of Ethics/Anti-Fraud

Members of the public can provide comment on the policy and regulation by March 11th on the CCSD Board Policies page. This item will come back before the board for approval at the Marth 11 Trustee Meeting.  

Board Approved Memorandum of Agreements (MOA) with Collective Bargaining Units 

The Clark County Educators Association MOA is specific to Special Education teachers, and includes training on de-escalation and use of restraint, priority COVID-19 testing, and mandatory updates to student Independent Education Plans (IEPs) to be inclusive of in-person and at home learning. 

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The Clark County Association of School Administrators and Professional-Technical Employees MOA includes mandatory, random COVID-19 testing for principals and administrators and adjustments to use of leave time. 

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The Education Support Employees Association MOA includes mandatory, random COVID-19 testing for support employees, as well as one-time stipends of $3,000 to safety assistants to work in campus isolation rooms for students displaying COVID-19 symptoms. 

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Trustees Announced In-Person Trustee Meeting 

The February 25th Trustee Meeting will be held in-person at 5pm at the Las Vegas Academy Theater (315 S 7th St, Las Vegas, NV 89101).  

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