Nevada Ed-Watch 11/8/18

The Ed-Watch series is designed to increase access to information on what decisions are being made regarding public education in Clark County and Nevada.

Clark County School District Board of Trustees 

What is the Board of Trustees & what are they responsible for? The CCSD Trustees are publicly elected decision-makers for the school district. They are responsible for providing oversight to the Superintendent and establishing District-wide policy. Trustees are accountable to work with their communities to improve student achievement.

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How often does the Board of Trustees meet? Trustees meet twice per month (second and fourth Thursdays) at 5pm at the Edward A. Greer Education Center (Board Room): 2832 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89121.

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Can community members engage at Trustee Meetings? Decision-making bodies benefit greatly from hearing public input and multiple perspectives. Community members can sign up to speak after the agenda has been posted– by calling the Board Office at (702) 799-1072 at least 3 hours before the scheduled meeting, or signing up in-person at the beginning of the meeting. Prior to each agenda item being voted on, speakers can share their perspective after the Board’s discussion and prior to the vote.

Thursday, November 8, 2018
Clark County School District Board of Trustees Meeting

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What happened at this meeting?

Joint Meeting with Audit Advisory Committee

Budget Appropriation Transfers

Trustees approved a set of budget appropriation transfers for the 2017-18 amended budget (approved December 14, 2017).  The transfer moves funds from one governmental function to another without impacting the end fund balance. Click here to see the Recap of Appropriations Transfers

Presentation of Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Jason Goudie, CCSD’s Chief Financial Officer, gave a presentation on the financial report of the complete 2017-18 audit. Click here to see the report.

Audit Committee Approves Auditor’s Narrative Report

The CCSD Audit Committee heard a report on the review and recommendations made by Eide Bailly, the third party financial auditor who conducted a review of CCSD’s 2017-18 financial reports and procedures.  The full narrative report, including the district’s response, was approved by the Audit Committee as final. Click here to see the full narrative.

Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Trustees Approve Consent Agenda

The consent agenda included authorization to contract with the Nevada Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) for registration and lodging for students and advisors to attend the State Career Development Conference (SCDC).

The consent agenda also included the approval to accept funds to maintain current and establish new school gardens in Title I schools across the District.  Schools that are designated Title I are those schools that have 40% of more of their student population that qualifies for free and reduced lunch. Click here to see a list of schools identified for the garden program.

Discussion: Florence McClure Women’s Correctional Center Cultural Enrichment Program

Trustees discussed the Cultural Enrichment Program that will be provided at the Women’s Correctional Center for  female inmates. “The program’s goal is to provide an outlet for interested women to redirect negative energy in a positive way through the performing arts.” The program runs for 16 weeks, will be facilitated by expert volunteers and will offer participants the chance to earn a high school elective credit. Click here to learn more about the WCC cultural enrichment program.

Trustees Receive Briefing on the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Forecast

Jason Goudie, Chief Financial Officer for CCSD, provided an update on the current year (School Year 2018-19, Fiscal Year 2019) budget.  The forecast shows an anticipated end of year fund balance of $45.5 million. It was noted that enrollment will continue to be the biggest variable in the District’s budget forecast; CCSD enrolled 2,600 fewer students this year than anticipated.

Trustees Adopt the 2019 Legislative Platform

Trustees reviewed and approved the Clark County School District’s priorities for the 2019 legislative session.  The main focus is on the K-12 funding formula and related sources of additional money. The school district will be working with 360 Strategies to lead their lobbying efforts during the legislative session.  Click here to see an overview of the full Legislative Platform.

Public comment on this topic included concerns that there is not  alignment among the unions’ and the District’s priorities; and, concerns that student equity was not mentioned in the legislative platform, including specifically targeted funding to reduce proficiency gaps.

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Trustees Approve agreements with Police Officers and Police Administrators

The approval of these agreements go through the end of 2019.  The approval of the Police Administrators contract is the first agreement reached between the District and the PAA and includes retroactive pay increases back to 2015.

Presentation on Facility Construction Methods

The presentation reviewed the positives and negatives of both the Design-Bid-Build method and the Construction Manager-at-Risk method of facility construction.  While no formal action was taken, it was recommended that both methods remain available as options to the District for various projects.

Superintendent Shares Update on Student Searches

Two searches have been completed to date, one occurred at Las Vegas Academy and one at Foothill High School.  There were no incidents as a result of the searches.

Public Comment

During the final public comment period a number of current CCSD bus drivers shared their personal experiences related to working conditions, having too few drivers to complete the routes and the impact this is having on students who are regularly late getting to and from school.

Potential Future Items:

  • Presentation on student transportation, and an action plan to address concerns related to transportation.

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