What are you looking forward to the most this school year?

Teacher leaders in our partner Fellowship programs are gearing up for the new school year and planning ways to apply their newly developed skills in their classrooms. Below, we capture some of their reflections.


Q: What are you looking forward to the most this school year?

Anthony Mooney, Lead Nevada Fellow: This year I am looking forward to watching a new school, Nevada Prep, come to life. I am also looking forward to helping new teachers develop into effective educators and delivering effective instruction that raises student achievement.

Kenny Belknap, Teach Plus Fellow: This should be a busy year between teaching a new class and working on my Teach Plus work. I’m excited to share the knowledge I gain with my students.

Jordana McCudden, Teach Plus Fellow: As a consulting teacher, I’ll have the opportunity to work side by side with brand new teachers, helping them navigate the complexities of teaching.

Stevie Johnson, Lead Nevada Fellow: I am most looking forward to  starting at a new school, Nevada Rise. I am excited about working with new staff, students and curriculum as grade chair lead.

Jen Loescher, Teach Plus Fellow: This school year is bursting with exciting opportunities for learning– about Nevada education policy, how to improve my craft of teaching, and building new relationships with my new role at RPDP.

Richard Wiley, Teach Plus Fellow: I look forward to making a significant, positive impact on the lives of each of my students. It will require leveraging every available resource and maximizing human capital to its fullest extent to improve our high schools.

Mary Ardoin: Lead Nevada Fellow: This year I am most looking forward to helping our new teachers create and implement a vision of excellence for themselves and students.

Jeanine Zelik, Teach Plus Fellow: Every year I look forward to creating relationships with students. I am fortunate to watch my former students continue their educational journey and help them achieve their goals as they look at their future post-graduation.

Justin Brecht, Building Excellent Schools Fellow & Founder of Nevada Rise:  I look forward to the vision of Nevada Rise becoming a reality. Most importantly, I look forward to delivering on the promise we have made to each individual family as we begin the our journey on the path to college.

Mary Enwemaya, Lead Nevada Fellow: I’m looking forward to better understanding how to align the new state (MAP) testing to advance student learning and adjust to their needs and desires.

Q: How will your Fellowship program help you achieve your objectives and make a bigger impact?

Anthony Mooney, Lead Nevada Fellow: Lead Nevada Academy has given me the knowledge, skills and abilities to be successful through participation in rigorous coaching and role play activities that have driven me to develop and hone specific skills.

Kenny Belknap, Teach Plus Fellow: The Teach Plus Fellowship is providing me with the tools I need to help elevate my voice and learn the several different paths available to make change or influence policy makers.

Jordana McCudden, Teach Plus Fellow: At Teach Plus, I have gained an understanding of the “how” and “why” behind education policy. Celine Coggins, founder of Teach Plus, says if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. I am now ready to sit at the table with stakeholders in affecting the change I feel will directly impact student achievement and teacher retention.

Stevie Johnson, Lead Nevada Fellow: Since my school will be new and we will have a small staff, there are many opportunities to take on leadership roles. Lead Nevada Academy will help provide me with the framework and skills to develop me as a leader.

Jen Loescher, Teach Plus Fellow: Teach Plus has provided a concrete platform to learn about education policy and how to advocate and get my voice to the table.  My confidence has grown, helping me choose to step outside my comfort zones and grow my network.

Richard Wiley, Teach Plus Fellow: The Teach Plus Fellowship keeps me apprised about what other schools in Nevada are doing to continually improve, and provides a vehicle for professional collaboration opportunities with high quality educators in other districts.

Mary Ardoin, Lead Nevada Fellow: Lead Nevada Academy is already a part of my achievement, as I realized during our summer work that the best way to prepare teachers for success is to first help them envision what a high achieving classroom will look like. Then, provide them the tools that will help them accomplish their goals.

Jeanine Zelik, Teach Plus Fellow: This fellowship allows me to dive deeper into the issues happening within education in Nevada, not only Clark County. It also allows me to help better educate and explain the status of particular issues without bias, just a deeper understanding of what is going on.

Justin Brecht, Building Excellent Schools Fellow & Founder of Nevada Rise: The BES Fellowship helps keep my focus on the principles of our mission, and the details that will help drive toward meeting the mission. Our partnership with BES ensures we implement precise practice and feedback on many levels and provides a strong network of support.

Mary Enwemaya, Lead Nevada Fellow: Lead Nevada Academy will allow me to look through dual lenses, as a classroom instructor and administrator. On the micro level, I can engage with data in my classroom by looking at individual students and focus their glows and growths. On a macro level, as an administrator, I hope to gain an overview of trends from K-2 and understand the shifts that occur in instruction, data, etc.


Wishing each of our program Fellows, and ALL Nevada educators, a strong start to a new school year!