What types of questions should I ask when visiting a school?

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How do I apply or enroll into a school?

Once you have gathered all the information and identified the schools that best support your child’s needs, you’ll need to fill out an application to enroll. Most schools offer digital applications on their website.

What is a lottery?

While charter schools are open to all Nevada students, there are limited spaces available and some schools have wait lists. If applications exceed available spaces, the school must conduct a lottery to select students. Prior to conducting the lottery, enrollment preferences may be provided to several categories of students. In 2015, the Nevada Legislature expanded allowable enrollment preferences. Categories of students with enrollment preferences include:

  • Siblings of current students;
  • Students who were enrolled in the school’s pre-K program
  • Children of employees, members of the committee to form the school, or members of the governing board
  • At-risk students, if the school targets this population
  • Students who reside close to a school if it is located in an at risk area
  • Students connected to the military for a charter school located on a military installation (New); Students attending overcrowded public schools (New)
  • and Students attending schools ranked with one or two stars on the Nevada School Performance Framework (NSPF) (New).

The 2015 Legislature also adopted a provision requiring new and expanding charter schools to notify parents living near the school about the application and enrollment process. Achievement charter schools will be prioritized for students residing in the attendance zone where it is located. If additional spaces are available, a lottery will be conducted.

Source: The Guinn Center: Nevada Charter Schools 101

Nevada is exploring a weighted lottery that can potentially help students who need it most have a better chance of getting into the school of their choice. Follow us on Facebook and twitter for updates.

What if I am waitlisted?

If your child is waitlisted, you can explore other options that match to your child’s needs. You can also get involved with your current school to ensure your child’s needs are being met.

How is school performance measured in Nevada?

School performance in Nevada is measured by the Nevada School Performance Framework (NSPF).

To explore NSPF results and find out how Clark County public schools are doing, visit www.greatschoolsallkids.org 

How can I engage with my child’s current school?

  • Participate in school-based activities to improve your child’s learning.
  • Attend parent-teacher meetings.
  • Ask questions to learn more about your student’s performance.
  • Advocate for major changes at your school.
  • Select a different school that meets the needs of your child.
  • Join Riseup Nevada, a local coalition of parents advocating for great schools.

How many schools should I apply to?

You, as a parent, are in the best position to decide which option best suits the needs and talents of your child. We recommend applying to at least two different schools in case your child is not admitted to your first-choice.

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