Great Schools for Nevada

Growing the number of high-quality public charter schools in Nevada.

Great Schools for Nevada Charter School Program

Great Schools for Nevada is a federal Charter School Program (CSP) Grant facilitated by Opportunity 180 to lead the launch and expansion of high-quality public charter schools across our state. As a public education champion and advocacy organization based in Southern Nevada, one key portion of our work is to seek out, vet, and support innovative leaders and high-performing school models.

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What is the Charter School Program (CSP) Grant?

Charter School Program (CSP) State Entities program provides financial assistance to State Entities to support charter schools that serve elementary and secondary schools in a given state. Under the program, the grant recipient (Opportunity 180)makes subgrants to eligible applicants for the purpose of opening new public charter schools, replicating or expanding high-quality public charter schools. Grant funds may also be used to provide technical assistance to eligible applicants and authorized public chartering agencies in opening new charter schools and replicating and expanding high-quality charter schools, and to work with authorized public chartering agencies to improve authorizing quality, including developing capacity for, and conducting, fiscal oversight and auditing of charter schools. 

The Great Schools for Nevada CSP, awarded to Opportunity 180 as Nevada’s State entity, is a competitive grant process. To ensure alignment of efforts and avoid duplication of work for maximum impact, Opportunity 180 will consult quarterly with an Advisory Committee including the Nevada Department of Education, the Charter School Association of Nevada (CSAN), and the State Public Charter School Authority (SPCSA). Opportunity 180 will fund only high-quality public charter school plans, and subgrant determinations will be made through a rigorous third-party peer review process. There is no guarantee that submitting a proposal will result in funding, or funding at the required levels. Proposals that do not meet a minimum score will not be funded. If you are interested in learning more, explore our “apply for a Federal Charter School Start-Up Grant” section below. 

Apply for a Federal Charter School Start-Up Grant


Great Schools for Nevada Federal CSP represents significant funds available to help Nevada expand opportunities for students to attend excellent public charter schools that prepare them for college and career. The Great Schools for Nevada project has three objectives:

Great Schools for Nevada Federal CSP will provide sub-grants to qualified public charter schools to provide financial support for the initial implementation of expanding, replicating, or opening a public charter school. Expand is defined as an increase in the student count of an existing school by a significant amount. Replicate means to open a new charter school, or a new campus of a high-quality charter school, based on the educational model of an existing high-quality charter school under an additional charter. A new public charter school is either a new start-up school that did not previously exist or a charter school that has substantially changed its model and/or staff in order to increase academic performance as part of a turnaround process.

Great Schools for Nevada CSP subgrants are designed to be for a period of up to 18 months for planning and 24 consecutive months for implementation activities leading up to and following the opening of a new school, replication school, or expansion projects.

The process to apply begins with a letter of intent and eligibility review. Applications will be sent by invite after a review of letter of intent and eligibility requirements.


Eligible applicants must have an approved Charter application from a Nevada authorizer in order to receive Federal CSP dollars under this program. This will be a condition of any subgrantee award if not already met. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate the following:

In Addition to the technical requirements, applicants will need to meet the following criteria


For those seeking approval from an eligible  Nevada authorizer, the Great Schools for Nevada CSP rigorous Request for Proposal (RFP) application for vetting exemplary applications for funding will constitute the first step. The RFP seeks to identify qualified, high-quality eligible applicants that have the capacity to meet the objective of the grant to serve more students, especially those who are disadvantaged and rural students. In order to demonstrate its ability to create a high-quality charter school, the eligible applicant will submit a complete application and any supplemental information necessary to demonstrate completion of the requirements outlined in Opportunity 180’s application process.


The work to grow Nevada’s high-quality, public charter school sector builds on lessons learned from across the country. The seven lessons that we will apply to the review of Great Schools for Nevada applicants to include: 

These seven lessons are the components – along with federal requirements for reporting, accounting, and serving students with special needs – that Opportunity 180 will ask eligible subgrantees to describe, demonstrate, and commit to in their applications for CSP subgrants.

Peer Review Panel

To ensure subgrants are awarded to the most capable applicants, each proposal for a CSP subgrant will be reviewed by an external Peer Review panel. The Nevada Independent Peer Review Panel will be comprised of teams of reviewers, selected through an application process. These reviewers will receive training on the effective use of a Peer Review Rubric to rate sub-grant proposals. Individuals selected as peer reviewers must be well informed regarding education, education policy, evaluation, and operations of public charter schools.

Awarded Applicants

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Application Process

The competition for funding will launch on August 6, 2021 and close on October 15, 2021. Please read the Request for Applications document containing eligibility requirements, and outlining the application process in detail. Schools can apply for the Great Schools for Nevada CSP Subgrant if they have an authorizer-approved charter or plan to have an authorizer-approved charter by the time award funds are dispersed in March of 2022. Below outlines the stages of our application process:

Before beginning the application, please review the Request for Application, RFA School Budget template <– budget instructions tab in this worksheet, Budget Narrative Example, Launching a Public Charter School FAQ

August 2021 Grant Application Timeline

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