Nevada Ed-Watch 8/9/18

The Ed-Watch series is designed to increase access to information on what decisions are being made regarding public education in Clark County and Nevada.

Thursday, August 9, 2018 
Interim Legislative Committee on Education

The committee decided on Bill Draft Requests (BDR’s) that they will propose for the 2019 legislative session. A BDR is the first step in getting a bill heard during the legislative session, with the ultimate goal to get signed into law.

During this work session, the committee supported the proposals listed below. The item numbers in parenthesis correspond to the items in the work session document.

(item 1)

  • Create a long-term stakeholder group to develop a statewide vision and comprehensive system of education.

(item 3)

  • Develop an Equity Allocation Model (details to implement have not been finalized).

(items 12, 13, 14, 18, 18, 19)

  • Include Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL) for school building staff; expedite teacher licensure for military spouses; use of military training as credit towards trade licenses for veterans to qualify for jobs with school districts.
  • Clarify teacher licensure renewal, student teaching requirements, and exploration of a tiered structure for teacher licenses.

(items 21,22)

  • Improve data collection and reporting and increase level of detail reported for student discipline incidents across the state.

(31, 33, 34, 35)

  • Expand the definition of English Mastery to include students who are least proficient in english (but not second-language learners); extend the term of the English Mastery Council to further study learning English in the state.
  • Allow charter school authorizers discretion to determine the term of renewal contracts.
  • Increase school districts’ flexibility to award credits for diplomas for homeless and foster youth.

Thursday, August 9, 2018 
CCSD Board of Trustees Meeting

The board approved the gender diverse policy in a 4-3 vote. The policy defines terms like Gender Expression and Gender Identity, and establishes a Gender Support Team. Gender Support teams are created when a child identifies as being gender diverse. The Team is responsible for designing a plan to address the rights and needs of students with diverse gender identities or expressions.

This policy also codifies additional rights of gender diverse students, such using the students preferred name and gender in all unofficial school documents, and allowing students to wear uniforms that correspond with their gender expression.


Supporters of the policy discussed the policy’s alignment to nationally recognized models. Washoe County School District enacted a similar policy in 2015. Opponents of the policy argued that it is a violation of the rights of students whose gender identity and expression are consistent with that assigned at birth, and had concerns of transparency around the policy itself.


Click here to read the policy.
Click here to see the agenda or watch the meeting.

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Teacher Voice Matters

The greatest way to show teachers appreciation is to give them a seat at the table.

Teachers, those closest to student learning, are positioned to hold a powerful seat at the table in decision-making that impacts their students and their profession. Teacher-powered solutions are an essential force to drive improvements that work for students– which is why Opportunity 180 partnered with Teach Plus to expand their high-impact Policy Fellowship to Nevada. The first Nevada cohort of 20 Fellows are building their professional networks, receiving training to understand how policy shapes their classrooms, and collaborating on well-designed solutions.

The Teach Plus Policy Fellowship as a pathway for teachers to have a voice in policy decisions: 

The Policy Fellowship enables excellent teachers to expand their influence in policy without leaving the classroom. Fellows develop their expertise by building their knowledge and skills to impact leadership opportunities and voice solutions that inform decision-making at the district and state level.

Read some of the voices of Teach Plus Nevada:

By listening to the collective wisdom of teachers and by embracing research-based policies that teachers know work in practice, schools can refocus on achieving the goals of public education on which our pluralistic democracy depends. -Adam Urbanski (via EdWeek)

We are excited to continue to see the Teach Plus Fellows, and all teachers, demonstrate their excellence and expertise to support student success and strengthen the teaching profession to deliver for kids.


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Fellows receive a stipend, benefits, extensive training, and support throughout the intensive first year. After The Fellowship year, they receive additional assistance and coaching as they guide their schools through startup and early operation.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. BES offers a $5,000 finder’s fee for nominated candidates who receive and accept an offer to join The Fellowship. 

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Building Excellent School Charter School Leader with Student

“During the Fellowship year with BES, we visited and studied 40 schools in 10 regions across the country. These school studies played an instrumental role in refining our vision for academics and school culture. The Fellowship also provided training and support in critical areas such as building a strong school board, writing a winning charter application, and hiring teachers who will prepare all our students for high school, college, and life.”

-David Blodgett, 2016 Nevada BES Fellow & Founder of The Nevada Prep Charter School

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The Fellowship year is followed by ongoing training and advisory support during the first two years of principalship.

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Meet the First Class of Teach Plus Nevada Fellows!


The first class of Nevada Policy Fellows are off to a strong start to build solutions for educators, students and families.

Educator-informed solutions are a powerful force to drive decisions that impact students Which is why Opportunity 180 partnered withTeach Plus to expand their high-impact policy fellowship to Nevada.

The first Nevada cohort of 20 fellows came from the largest inaugural pool of applicants in the history of Teach Plus.

Among the members of the cohort are 2 Nevada State Teachers of the Year (and 1 finalist), union leaders, veteran and new-to- the profession educators, and representatives of the traditional and charter sectors from urban, suburban and rural districts.

Click Here to Meet the Fellows

The fellows are hard at work building their professional network, receiving learning modules on policy-related topics, and collaborating on solutions to drive positive impact.
Following several conversations with stakeholders, fellows have identified the following issue areas to focus their advocacy and policy recommendations on:

  • Education Funding
  • Nevada State ESSA Plan and Implementation
  • Retention of High Quality Educators
  • Equitable Access to Highly-Effective Educators

In the coming months, the fellows will receive training on education research, funding and finance in Nevada, policy and political analysis, unions, and a continued focus on storytelling.

Click Here to Learn more about the Policy Fellowship.

For a full list of Opportunity 180’s educator leader development partnerships, Click here.

Want to make a difference at your school and increase your impact on students?


Improving outcomes for students requires a bench of excellent educators who support meaningful instruction and empower each other to be their best every day.

We partnered with TNTP to design a solution to provide Nevada’s best and brightest educators a no-cost and low-stakes opportunity to determine if school leadership is right for them.

The TNTP Lead Nevada Academy is a selective professional development program that helps talented educators hone the skills they need to become tomorrow’s school leaders—and make a difference in their school right now. During the nine-month program, participants receive regular coaching, workshops, and online training that will prepare them to be instructional leaders, deans, or principals.

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Hear from the first cohort 

“I am better able to identify opportunities to take action and leverage my strengths— I feel more confident.”

“I am more aware of different work styles and mindsets that I need to navigate my work.”

“This fellowship took my ideas and goals and gave me the tools to implement— I am way more focused on impact now.”

“I have the confidence to speak up, to focus on the work and not the dissenters, and to not let problems be barriers.”