Operating a Charter School in Clark County

March, 2017

Opportunity 180, in partnership with Public Impact, published Operating a Charter School in Clark County (Charter School FAQs) to provide public charter schools with the support they need while considering expansion to Clark County. The FAQs provide schools with key information about the educational, economical and political landscape in Clark County.

Charter School FAQs

The New Frontier

December 19, 2016

Opportunity 180, in partnership with Public Impact, published The New Frontier to provide our community with insights about the key role public charter schools can play in working alongside the local school district and committed nonprofit programs to help solve the educational equity problem in Clark County. Our research offers recommendations about how we can grow the supply of great public charter schools in a community with constrained resources and tremendous need for more great public schools in our low-income communities.

Executive Summary

Full Report


270 Strategies Analysis for
Opportunity 180
Clark County Parent Survey

November 8, 2016

270 Strategies partnered with Opportunity 180 and the Department of Education to survey Clark County parents with school-age children to better understand thoughts and opinion about our local school district. They targeted parents who have at least one child currently attending a Clark County School District (CCSD) public school. The survey questions were tailored to collect information about how familiar parents were with the CCSD, as well as their general thoughts towards their child’s school and specifically where improvements are needed.