Vision & Mission


25,000 additional students are in a high-quality public school seat by 2025.


We believe in the power of a safe and excellent public education. Our team is committed to increasing the number of high-quality seats within our neighborhood public schools. As a nonprofit organization, we offer resources to grow and launch great public schools, invest in organizations and leaders that will provide students with outstanding educational opportunities, and collaboratively help prove that every child can achieve, regardless of ethnicity, zip code or family income.


Opportunity 180 launched in 2015 to transform the lives and futures of Clark County students by providing them with equitable access to the best possible public education.  Upon launching, Opportunity 180 joined Education Cities to partner with like-minded organizations across the country committed to region-based educational equity efforts.

Our name, Opportunity 180, represents our vision—to bring transformational, 180 degree change to support students and families in our community.  We know that every student has the ability to succeed and we work relentlessly to create the conditions that provide students access to schools that set them up for success.


We are building a talented team with an entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering commitment to provide families with great public schools. Please visit our job board to learn about our open positions.


Advisory Board


Opportunity 180 is grateful for our donors that enable us to work relentlessly on behalf of Clark County students every day.